Keep more of
your money while
protecting your family.

With Everly Life, you'll get protection for your loved ones when you're gone and a stable place to grow and use tax-advantaged savings while you're still here.

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Everly Life has a savings plan that feels just right.

A blue line chart demonstrating a low return

Traditional Savings:

No risk, low return.

Average accounts offer 0.06%.6

A green line chart demonstrating a stable, higher return than a traditional savings account

Everly Life:

No risk, 3.35%2 Interest.

Guaranteed never to drop below 1%.

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Unregulated Crypto:

High risk, uncertain return.

Investments can easily turn into $0.

See how Everly Life compares.

Everly Life can help you build savings over time. With our 3.35% current interest rate (guaranteed never to drop below 1%), your money has the potential to grow quicker when compared to other savings options.

Yield Rate Comparison Over 20 Years

Monthly payment amountEverly 3.35% (3.402% APY*)Bonds 2.19%**Savings Account 0.06%***

Interest rates may change at any time

*Our 3.35% current interest rate is a nominal interest rate. It compounds [daily,] which means you would earn an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 3.402%. Minimum Interest Rate 1% Guaranteed.

**20 Year Treasury Bond Yield rate 2.19% as of 02/09/2022. Source here.

***National Average Savings Account rate 0.06% as of 02/09/2022. Source here.

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What are tax advantaged savings?

With Everly Life, you can grow your money—through compounded interest—tax free while it's in the life insurance account. Which means more money to use to make life even richer.

Ready to get started?

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