The Everly Story

We're making life insurance work better for you.

How It All Began

Everly was founded by industry veterans who are passionate about the vital role that life insurance can play in all of our lives.

Our vision is to modernize this centuries-old industry by providing a next-generation solution, using all the advantages that life insurance can provide.

We designed a product that works the way you expect it to—a simpler process that gives you more control without the extra fees and hassles.

Grimmy reading.

A Better Experience

Up to now, life insurance has been all work, no joy.

So, we approached everything with a people-first focus. We replaced the paperwork and phone calls with a 100% digital experience.

We think doctor visits and blood tests aren’t necessary to give you an accurate estimate, so we got rid of them.

We actually help you access your money when you need to, instead of making you jump through hoops.

We want you to spend a lot less time adjusting your plan and more time on what’s most meaningful.

Grimmy at crossroads between two experiences.

The Meaning of Life

To us, the true purpose of life insurance is simple—helping people make the most of their lives.

We believe your plan should always do three things:

  • Protect your loved ones.
  • Last as long as you need it to.
  • Grow tax-advantaged savings that you can use while you’re alive.
Grimmy and Evie tending to plant.
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Meet Everly’s Mascots

In our journey to build the best possible life insurance product, we created these colorful little characters to help guide you, and better understand our process and benefits.


Grimmy. The helpful Grim Reaper.

Why a Grim Reaper? Grimmy traded in the black robe to help mortals take positive action on their future—while saving time, money, and stress.


Evie. Helpful by design, expert by choice.

Why a cat-bot instead of a chat-bot? Evie loves numbers and complicated information. She won’t stop scratching for answers until you’re happy.


Mort. Steer clear of this old vulture.

Why a vulture? Mort’s an old bird who loves the way life insurance used to work. Don’t take his advice too seriously, or fax him anything!

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Meet the people who make your plan.


Dustin’s drive to help more people access life insurance, without the hassle of working with an advisor, is inspired by being a dad. He knows first-hand that securing the right coverage means everything for his family’s future. He brings 20+ years of customer and data-driven IT leadership in both retail and financial services.


Eric’s vision of a more satisfying experience comes from his years in the food and beverage industry. He leverages consumer insights to help companies outside of Everly connect their networks to a simple and transparent Universal Life insurance product, driving growth through strategy, brand development, product and service innovation.


George joined Everly as he is passionate about insurance and making it even more accessible to the next generation of consumers. He believes every person and family should have direct access to the marketplace to protect their loved ones and plan for the future. George calls upon his extensive experience in law and corporate matters to help Everly transform how insurance is sold and purchased, continuously improve, and offer understandable products.


Karna joined Everly to make life insurance accessible and affordable for everyone. After working in financial services for over two decades, Karna became well acquainted with the difficulties and high costs of traditional life insurance options. She believes that products should be cost effective, simple, and lovable - working every day to make it a reality with Everly.


Matija believes that insurance should join other companies in the 21st century and Everly will help move life insurance there. He is passionate about using modern technology and analytics to simplify the experience without sacrificing the rigor & ethics needed to ensure longterm stability for consumers. He leverages his experience in Finance & InsurTech to move Everly on this journey.


Ryan is excited by the challenge of helping people discover Everly through inspiring, and measurable marketing. With 20+ years experience as a thought-leader in the digital marketing and advertising space, he leads teams to grow omnichannel product and category sales, overcome reputation challenges, and managed crisis events.

Customer Success

Theresa believes that exceptional customer experience will transform the way we buy and use Universal Life insurance. For over 20 years, she’s applied analytics and creative thinking to build solutions for both customers and businesses—from telecom to distribution networks to insurance and financial services.

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