Hi, we’re Everly.

Everyone deserves to live a financially secure life. We’re creating products that help people get there.

A map, fountain pen, and a compass with the Everly logo.
A map, fountain pen, and a compass with the Everly logo.
Our vision

We believe there’s a world where financial security is accessible to all.

We all deserve to be able to keep our promises, protect the people we love, and reach our goals. Financial security is the foundation to living a better life and making all of these things possible. At Everly, we want everyone to have access to the tools that make this a reality, starting with life insurance.

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Clouds.Car driving down a curved highway passing a billboard showing growth over time.

We’re building financial solutions for the next generation.

We want to help you use life insurance to live a better life while protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your money.

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Easily accessible

We’re making financial tools easier to use with an entirely digital process.

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Tailored to you

We’re building our products to be flexible, so you can adjust as you need to.

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Straight to the point

We’re committed to presenting complex information in an honest and easy to understand way.

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Life well lived

We’re passionate about helping more people protect those they love and reach their financial goals.


We’re backed by Security Benefit.

Security Benefit

We’re backed by Security Benefit.

Everly Life is issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company, an industry leader with $49.9 billion in assets under management and 130 years of experience helping people achieve financial security.*

* As of 6/30/2021

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Who we are

Meet the Everly team.

We’re a group of innovators and industry experts who believe in bringing people accessible financial products to help them live better lives.

1. With Everly Life, you can save while interest is added to your Account Value tax-free. Learn more about the tax benefits of Everly Life as well as accessing your money through withdrawals and loans.
2. The 4% current interest is guaranteed for the first policy year and subject to change on policy anniversaries thereafter. Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate is 1%.
3. You can adjust your Everly Life coverage as your life changes. Learn more about adjusting your coverage.
4. Life isn’t always constant. Learn more about how you can adjust your Everly Life payment.
5. Everly Life allows you to cancel and take your savings with you – with no fees. Learn more what happens to your account value if you cancel.
6. National Average Savings Account rate is 0.33% as of 1/17/2023. Source.
7. Not available in all states and riders may vary by state.

Insurance exclusively made available through Everly, LLC. Everly, LLC does business in CA, GA, NJ, PA, TX, UT, and VA as Everly Agency Insurance Solutions, LLC. Everly offers insurance issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (SBL), Topeka, KS. SBL is not licensed to transact business in New York. View Everly and SBL license information.

Everly Life is a flexible premium adjustable life insurance policy issued on policy form ICC20 SBUL 100 (8-20); SBUL CA 100 (8-20); SBUL FL 100 (8-20); and SBUL 100 (8-20). Learn more about what riders are available with Everly Life. Click on Licenses to learn more about where Everly Life and its riders are available. Everly Life’s guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims paying ability of SBL. SBL and Everly, LLC are not fiduciaries and the information provided is general in nature, is not tailored to your needs, and is not intended to be investment advice.

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