Can You Have Two Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies?

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If you choose to have multiple guaranteed life insurance policies, you should expect to pay for each policy separately.

Having multiple life insurance policies can be beneficial for major life events, estate planning, long-term care, and financial planning.

You may see a wide range between the highest and lowest premiums available to you, depending on your age and health conditions when you apply for a particular policy.

Managing multiple policies can make your insurance approach more complicated, especially if you are using multiple policies as an investment tool.

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Whether you are looking for guaranteed acceptance life insurance (also called guaranteed issue life insurance) or universal life insurance, it is possible to have multiple life insurance policies. Many policyholders opt for multiple life insurance policies– guaranteed acceptance life insurance included– as a way to supplement many end-of-life expenses, such as medical bills or funeral expenses.

Not all life insurance policies are the right fit for your unique needs and goals. For example, many policyholders prefer guaranteed versus non-guaranteed life insurance because they enjoy consistent premiums and a guaranteed death benefit.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of having multiple life insurance policies as well as who can benefit from them.

Multiple Life Insurance Policies: What You Need to Know

Traditionally, individuals apply for life insurance policies as a way to leave a legacy or support their loved ones after they pass away. While there are no restrictions on how many life insurance policies an individual can own, it’s important to accurately gauge your expected income level and assets to make sure you can pay for multiple premiums.

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies generally have higher monthly premiums because these insurance policies don’t require a health exam. These products, in turn, can be easier to obtain, but can have potentially cost-prohibitive premiums.

Your premium for each guaranteed life insurance policies will remain consistent. It will not fluctuate like other permanent life insurance products can. This can make budgeting for monthly premium expenses easier, but not necessarily more cost-effective.

A guaranteed life insurance policy typically has a maximum death benefit of $25,000 because these products are optimal for policyholders who struggle to get accepted by other life insurance products. By having multiple guaranteed life insurance products, you may be able to pass on more money to your beneficiaries, depending on the terms and conditions of your policy.

Who Should Consider Having Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

Many guaranteed life insurance policyholders have difficulty obtaining other life insurance policies due to medical conditions. Because there is usually no medical evaluation with guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies, guaranteed issue life insurance can be a great option for these individuals who may need financial assistance with end-of-life costs, medical expenses, and more.

Additionally, these policies can be a good choice for those on a fixed income. Guaranteed issue life insurance policies maintain steady premium costs that are not impacted by changes in the market, making them more manageable in financial planning. Individuals can start with one guaranteed issue life insurance product, gauge the costs and impact on their accounts, and then choose to start a second policy.

However, the majority of guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies require applicants to fall within a particular age range in order to qualify. If you are in an older  age range, you may want to apply for multiple policies before you age out of that window.

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